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Tips For Ordering From The Best Online Gardening Shop In 2018


There are so many online garden centres and nurseries that you may be tempted to try one out. While these shops may offer good prices on their plants, when you receive the order, the plants will be dead or dying. It is possible to find best garden shops for 2018, but it will probably take some research. Before you order plants or seeds, keep these tips in mind.


First, check the ordering and shipping deadlines on anything you want to order. Plans and bulbs are sent live and are usually shipped in the fall or the spring when the conditions for planting are best.


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Also, order plants early when ordering online. Bulbs and root plants often sell out quickly and if you miss them, you may be out of luck for that season. Some online garden shops will allow you to order plants early and won’t bill your credit card until they actually ship the plants.

When you’re filling out the order form, be careful provide all the information correctly. Double check the form before mailing it in or submitting it online. Check the sizes, the item numbers, and the quantities.


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Be sure and check the size of the plant you are ordering. Most online garden shops in 2018 will offer plants ranging from five-gallon containers to three-inch pots to bare roots and bulbs. The bigger plants are usually more expensive and are usually more likely to survive and thrive.


Learn the botanical and common names of the plants you want to order. This is the best way to compare prices between online garden shops so you can find the best deal. Also, consider shipping costs and how quickly the online shop will ship out your plants.


Ordering from the best online garden centres and shop in 2018 doesn’t have to be hard. Just follow these tips to find the best plants for your garden.